I just had my first Lightscribe experience as well. In fact all I have found online states the opposite Can anyone provide directins or a link on how to add a drive to my pc. Finding the driver name for your hardware. However, we’ve seen more than one or two that have had to go back to tear-down not because they didn’t work, but because someone had broken the “box” too badly to repair when they took out their Hard Drive before donating the computer. Once the driver has been uninstalled, install the new driver as follows: This assumes they are on the same line.

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If the Hewlett-Packard or Compaq folder does not appear, skip to the next step. Shut down your computer. I prefer the Linux way of installing new software. Once the uninstallation is finished, click on OK and restart the computer. Discussion in ‘ Microsoft Windows ‘ started by frederick marrApr 19, A disturbing and cryptic error message.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. No such thing as slave, master, or cable select.

Did you bother to use the Custom install option? I can see that it is possible that a lightscribe system – or rather, the PC driving it – might have to create the image in RAM before “burning”, though I can’t really see why that should take that long – certainly no longer than an inkjet doing a full colour image, since it’s only doing a fairly small image, and only black or not-black.


Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I chose a label for a brand new Ubuntu 8. This assumes they are on the same line.

10 Free and Portable Software Tools to Burn CD, DVD and BDR Discs

There is a lightscribe directory on the CD, and it contains a single. I hate to write out the titles of a dozen songs though. Maybe keep them all in a baggie taped to the doorknob so you can always find them. Put the drive in your computer, connect the ribbon cable and power cable, put the side back on the computer case, and boot up. A handy little feature is a drop target which stays on top and you can drop file onto it for them to be added to the project. I know I will not be able to write at max speed with my current specs but I am thinking I should be able to burn at 8X as long as Windows98SE can be used.

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HP solution center my ass. The software takes care of the burning so if you have the proper hardware and software there should be no problems as long as it supports 98SE. Why not boot from an usb stick?


See Greg, MS is soooo good they lkghtscribe u want to use primitive technology. Make it boot from USB. Download the setup file and then extract the the exe with 7-zip or similar. Most have them in either printed versions or on the computer hard drive. Restoring software and drivers in Windows 98 and Me. I am not repacing an excisting drive. Newer software supplied with these LightScribe capable drives may no longer have 98SE support.

I have Nero 9 installed, came with diy bundle form newegg I use Lightscribe all the time. However, they do not want to create one new installer lightscribr this software, so they create an uber-installer which just calls all the other installers.

My computer boxes are not ever conveniently located. For data discs, paper labels are a bad idea.

Never, ever, ever install the crappy software that comes with the device. Then download this ini file which tells ImgBurn to store all associated files in the local folder.